Is your dog bored?

SAVE MONEY on dog toys with indoor dog games made from items you already have in your home!

Whether bad weather, a busy schedule, poor health, or simple laziness prevents you from taking your dog out for regular walks, you can still give your dog the exercise and mental stimulation he or she needs.

I’m Dr. Lori Friesen, and I want to share with you the secret to having the most amazing relationship with your dog. My veterinarian and master dog-trainer endorsed techniques are simple, creative, and positive. You and your dog will love them. I personally guarantee it.

If you are like me, there are times when you look into your dog’s eyes and wonder how you could be so lucky to be the recipient of this much love. Like many pet parents, I am pretty much convinced that I have the two cutest, most endearing, and loving animals on the planet.

Although I give my dogs the best life that I can, I often wonder how they must experience their day-to-day lives. We have all heard the phrase, “It’s a dog’s life” and there have been many times I have been envious of what I perceive to be my dog’s life of leisure as I run around like a mad woman getting ready for work.

But then another well-known phrase enters my head: what if “the grass is always greener on the other side?” What if your dog’s life is not as great as it could be? Anyone who has witnessed a dog’s expression as he races down a beach knows that dogs experience joy. Anyone who has lived through the loss of one of our pet’s companions observes how a dog experiences grief. And anyone who has a pet who suffers from separation anxiety, who sees their dog tremble at the mention of a bath, or has been around a dog during a thunderstorm or fireworks knows that dogs most certainly can feel stressed out and anxious.

But is it really a stretch to consider that your dog may also be feeling bored?

Consider some of the most common complaints of dog owners:

  • My dog will not stop barking.
  • My dog rips up my furniture (or shoes, or anything else around our home).
  • My dog will NOT SETTLE DOWN!
  • My dog just INHALES his food.
  • My dog is terrified of everything and has no confidence.
  • My dog will not listen to me.
  • My dog seems lethargic and depressed.
  • Dog toys are so expensive and are ripped apart in less than 2 months!

Do you have any of these complaints?

Consider what your dog may be trying to communicate to you through each of these behaviours:

  I am barking because I am going out of my mind trying to communicate with you. But it might be hard for you to understand me cos I don’t speak English.

  I am ripping up our furniture and our home a) because there is nothing else good for me to chew on, b) because I have nothing else to do and I need some exercise, or c) because barking didn’t work to get your attention.

  I inhale my food because I can.

  I will not settle down because I am trying to get your attention and you won’t give me any. Did I mention that I also would like some exercise, please? I am often stuck indoors all day alone and I am going stir-crazy with boredom!

  I have no confidence because you haven’t shown me how I can be successful.

  I ignore you because you haven’t given me a positive reason to listen to you.

  I seem depressed because I AM BORED!

According to the six expert dog trainers and veterinarians I worked with in the development of our My Doggy Genius products, providing appropriate and meaningful mental and physical challenges for your dog will help reduce and/or eliminate many of these problems.

Spending only 5-10 minutes each day on activities that challenge your dog’s thinking and provide him or her with mental stimulation can make a dramatic difference in the overall well-being of your pet.

Sure, there are commercially made dog toys and games that can provide your dog with such intellectual challenges, but these products are expensive and are either destroyed or mastered by your dog quickly. I have a closet full of these games that I no longer take out because my dogs can solve them faster than it takes me to set them up!

In addition, shockingly, did you know that there are currently NO safety guidelines around the production of commercially made pet products – which means that there can be dangerous levels of toxic chemicals present in some toys designed specifically for pets… scary, huh? This information (or lack of it) was motivation enough for me to consider ways that I could make my own interactive dog toys and games – so that I know exactly what kinds of materials are going into each one.

Giving your dog the exercise and mental stimulation he or she needs through daily walks is an obvious choice, but there are many reasons that the daily walk just doesn’t happen. Whether it’s because it’s too cold out, too hot out, or it’s raining, the weather often prevents me from walking my dogs when I’d like to! If you travel a lot, these games are great to play when your dog is cooped up with you in hotel rooms.

Other pet owners have difficulties walking on their own due to health concerns, or may be housebound due to an illness, which makes it really tough to give our dogs the exercise they need. And paying professional dog walkers is expensive!

Let’s face it. Sometimes going for a walk feels like going on the treadmill.

For less than the cost of just ONE commercially produced interactive dog game or two of days of doggy daycare you will have access to a resource that offers you:

Over 50 ideas for games and activities that are simple, easy and fun to make with your family! Demonstrated for you in clear step-by-step videos, and complete with a materials list for each activity.

Essential information from veterinarians and dog trainers about materials, foods, and activities that are safe and not safe for your pet. Receive advice from veterinarians and dog trainers about how to determine which games and toys are safe and appropriate for your dog’s breed and size.

Valuable ideas about what your dog’s natural needs are and how you can help meet them – while having fun and bonding with your dog.

Information on how to start with simple activities and then progressively increase the challenge level as your dog becomes a happy, furry little genius.

Knowledge on how to create economical and safe chewing challenges for teething puppies.

Ways to give your dog the exercise and mental stimulation he or she needs in your own home if you can’t go out for a walk.

Games and activities to help your dog to eat more slowly.

Engaging, simple, and fun activities that you can do with your dog to help increase his or her confidence.


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